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Travel -

Laura through the lens of Marina


Marina Alonso went to Hawaïi to shoot Laura Enever, it's all about tropical hues and moody skies... 
Back home, Marina asked Laura a few questions, they talked about music, confinement routine, her new film Undone, big wave surfing and much more!

I might’ve told you this before but I’m most fascinated by the way your persona balances both femininity and strength all while reaching superhero status.  You perform the unimaginable and do it in style. As a female who paved the way, starting out in what has been a male dominated industry - what would you tell other young females about finding that balance?

Balance is my favourite word! Embracing and finding the balance of both my feminine and masculine sides is something that over the years I realised is so important and actually a bit of a super power (that we all have!). There was a time when I felt like I had to supress a side of me because I was different - 'how could I love the thrill and challenge of surfing big waves one day then be a city girl loving fashion and art the next’? Just because I hadn’t seen it before didn’t mean I couldn’t do what I wanted, and like what I like. When I finally started embracing both my strong and soft sides thats when the balance flowed and I felt like I was living authentically.

I am most paralyzed by fear in big waves, as a big wave surfer  - How often do you experience fear itself? How do you deal with it?

I have always had strange love for big waves since I was young but to be honest my 16 year old self would have never picked that I would pursue big wave surfing the way I have the last 5 years. The journey unfolded infront of my eyes and been such a wild ride!

Big wave surfing is so mental, the fear creeps in sometimes that fear takes over. That same fear used to take over when I was competing at times. It really is the mind telling me "I can’t’ and yep sometimes it wins. Someone once told me the biggest thing to be afraid of is fear and it has stuck with me - I’ve began to realise not to believe my mind and to work hard, prepare and listen to my gut instead. (Meditation and breathing helps too)

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, what is something you’d say to 15 year old Laura?

Trust yourself Laura! Don’t let anything exterior define you, the biggest accomplishments are the ones within. Also…. Get ready for lots of fun and dancing around the world! 

I feel like you’ve been everywhere and seen it all so tell me, is there…

A place yet to discover for you?

I’m so inspired in old big cities especially in Europe or NYC, I just want to get lost In them. Either that or I want to learn to sail and live on a boat for a while. Quite the contrast haha.

A dream yet to achieve?

Maybe the boat dream or an amazing vegetable garden at home for now!

There has been a lot of noise about your new film, Undone - aka the only film my friends and I have been excited to watch in the last couple years!- coming out in a few weeks (and available to download May 22nd!), tell us some cheeky behind the scenes info that we don’t know.

Ahhh I can not believe it’s almost here! It’s been such a long time coming but we are proud of it. It was a small team and a huge journey. I had some big ups and some big downs along the way. Ah some BTS info - I thought I was going to have a heart attack surfing in West Aus (the mind won that surf) and I may or may not have worn the same clothes for 5 days on our road trip through the desert haha

According to the times we’re living, and on a very Greta Thunberg note,  thoughts on the confinement era?

These times have been such a mixed bag of emotions for everyone. It's heartbreaking to see people lose lives and livelihoods. It has taught me to take nothing for granted, I have used my time to slow down, reflect and reassess and get inspired. I still suck a cooking ….

What’s been your confinement routine? I turned my garage into a little fitnesses space and also bought a sauna so I have been spending lots of time in there. We are lucky enough to be able to surf still so jumping in the water, lots of juicing, smoothing making, coffee and working on the Undone Launch !!

What’s on on your playlist?

I’ve actually been pulling out my fav slow down tunes at the moment -

Dope lemon, Mazzy Star, Bon Iver and also some Jazz at dinner time! Spotify playlists are the best!

Taking a trip down memory lane, what’s your favourite memory with the bong?  That is the hardest question! There has been so many good times with the team!! Hawaii is always so much fun with the everyone and we always seem to have a bit too much fun ;) That  just made me so excited to travel again!

You might not know this Loz, but I’m a space freak, given the chance, would you venture to Space?

Omg yes. I have all the planets hanging above my bed lol and I started watching multiple different series on space last year. So Yes, let’s go!

And last but not least, you and I, Paris, when?

As Soon as possible PLEASE (post pandemic)! We have been talking about this trip for far too long, I can’t wait to be running around the city with you! I’ll be dreaming about it in the meantime… Miss you!